Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Dejana Sekulic, violin and Gilles Doneux, live electronics

music for violin and electronic by belgian composers

In the dense parts of the Milky Way, the stellar images seem to overlap, giving the effect of a quasi-continuous sheet of light .... This effect is a great illusion. In reality... the night sky is remarkably empty. Of the volume of space, only one part in 1021 [one part in a quintillion] is filled with stars (Kaler 1997). The sensation of tone occurs when human perception reaches the attentional limits where micro-events follow each other too quickly to be heard as distinct events (Roads 2001).

But what if time stood still and perception was frozen in the instant of a singular grain of a micro-event? This program is devoted to a game and a reflection on the way we experience sound, what we feel as sacred music or profane music. Or rather, finding the sacred in the profane and the mundane in the sacred, by experiencing a grain of sound and listening beyond the limits of apparent perception.


Program :

Jean-Pierre Deleuze: Sonances de l'an levant (2017 version)

Jean-Luc Fafchamps: Street Music (premiere of the violin and electronic version 2021)

Gilles Doneux and Dejana Sekulic: What hides in grains of sound (III) (2022) (premiere)


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