Monday, September 12, 2022

Search a little


This concert proposed by the Centre Henri Pousseur traces a line of time through the works of three generations of composers rooted in Liège: Henri Pousseur, founder of the Centre de Recherches Musicales de Wallonie; Michel Fourgon, mentor of many young composers of the composition class of the Conservatoire Royal de Liège and Alithéa Ripoll, graduate of the Conservatoire de Liège and laureate of the last Henri Pousseur Prize.

Three generations on the timeline of life. But how do we go about life? Do we experience it as a search, and if so, what are we looking for? Or do we go through life like a dream, between the unreal of the past and the future, which are never?

If past and memory dominate our psychological life, can we really access the deepest whirlpools of our life? Or are we, led by language, like him, only a sign, lost and alienated from ourselves?


Ein Zeichen sind wir, deutungslos,

Schmerzlos sind wir, und haben fast

Die Sprache in der Fremde verloren.


Friedrich Hölderlin, quoted in Mnemosyne from Henri Pousseur,



Michel Fourgon, Sept cases violées for bass clarinet solo (excerpt of La Nuit)

Alithéa Ripoll, L’ARt C’Est L’OR for percussions and electronic

Henri Pousseur, Ex dei in Machinam Memoria for flute and electronic

Alithéa Ripoll, Tidal 3 for electronic

Alithéa Ripoll, Cherche un peu for voice, clarinet (contra)bass, percussions and electronic (Prix Henri Pousseur 2019-2020)

Michel Fourgon, Viva Tuba for sousaphone and electronic

Henri Pousseur, Mnémosyne for voice and flute



Rudy Mathey, bass and contrabass clarinet

Marie Billy, voice

Max Charue, percussions

Alithéa Ripoll, percussions and piano

Toon Fret, flute

Michel Massot, sousaphone

Centre Henri Pousseur, electronics



Membre (s)
9.00 €
Prix réduit:
12.00 €
Chaussée de Wavre, 366