Fabian Fiorini

Composer, pianist performing both in jazz (Aka Moon, Octurn) & contemporary music (Ictus), teacher, artistic director of recordings, Fabian Fiorini has participated in many projects and recordings.

His catalogue includes the following works:

1/  Solo piano

 - Autour de Pi 

 - La ballade du souffleur de poussières (premiere by J-Ph Collard-Neven -  Ars Musica Festival)

 - Sonate quantique (Tribute to L.v. Beethoven) (Premiered by O. de Spiegelaer - Festival Emergence)

 2 / Chamber music

 -  Un lac consumé par le vide du ciel et des champs (trio for trombone, violin and piano, premiered by I. Okubo, A. Pire and M. Cominotto - Ars Musica Festival)

-   String quartet + solo cello + 2 horns + 2 keys 

 - La danse de la terre vers l'Afrique Australe (Premiered by Ictus - Gent)

- Dans la nuit for soprano voice and piano - contrabass and cello (on a text by Etienne Leclerc) (Premiered by Ictus musicians at Théâtre Poème)

 -  5 Transmutations - Answer for 7 strings and piano to R. Strauss' Metamorphosis ( 5 movements, premiered by Oxalys et F. Fiorini - Flagey)

3/ Le poème d'Avant  Mini Opera for 3 voices (alto-soprano-tenor) three instruments (clarinet - cello - piano) on a text written by  F. Fiorini and P. Nottet

4/   Le Voyage de Saint-Matthieu 

(Premiered by B. Wiernik, F. Fiorini, L. Blondiau, M. Horbascewski, J-L Lehr, F. Vaillant, J. Badenhorst, G-A Vandam at the Gaume Jazz Festival) - Reworking or 9 exerpts ofJ.S.Bach St Matthew Passion, for Piano - Drums - Sax (clarinette & bass cl.) - Trumpet - Voice - Bass - Cello - Violin