Saturday, December 10, 2022

De intérieur presents a unique sonic journey into the depths of the XAMP microtonal accordion, conducted through the exploration of different musical languages. The XAMP microtonal accordion was designed by Fanny Vicens and Jean-Etienne Sotty starting from a renewal of the classical instrument, with the aim of exacerbating its sonic potential to meet and embrace electronic sound. With two acoustic pieces - including a world premiere by Gabriele Manca - and four pieces with electronics, the instrument will be auscultated, radiographed, sublimated.

Years of experience on this instrument have allowed Fanny Vicens to develop a new form of virtuosity, which vibrates with her electronic mirror. Combining the accordion with electronics, in fact, opens the way to varied solutions, which allow the sound to reveal itself, to vibrate its guts and affirm its hidden nature. The sounds obtained will at times be familiar, familiar, even reassuring, but may suddenly be unheard of, disconcerting or maddening.

Various musical suggestions will resonate in the proposed path: from the sensoriality inspired by Japan proposed by Régis Campo, passing through the textures close to the pictorial arts evoked by Luciano Leite Barbosa, to the accents of the medieval Spanish music of Aurélio Edler-Copes or the distant echoes of a lullaby. Catalan sleep in the piece by Núria Giménez Comas, up to the electro-playful gestures and the burst of energy that will run through Oren Boneh's work at the end of the concert. In With Elementary Force by Gabriele Manca, presented in the world premiere, the music enters into a relationship with the dynamics of listening and with the most hidden reasons for affections.

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