Wednesday, December 20, 2023

In this Aristotelian programme, musique concrète is represented by a rare performance of Pierre Henry's La reine verte. But we will also hear how Henry influenced later composers such as the Dutchman Jos Smolders.

Swedish and Argentinian acousmatic aesthetics are represented by works by the titans Åke Parmerud and Beatriz Ferreyra, while the music of Frenchman Aurélien Godderis-Chouzenoux brings a flavour of the Indian subcontinent to the evening.

Works by young composers Lucie Grésil and Vincent Simionovici place us at the forefront of acousmatics, and the evening concludes with music by Elizabeth Anderson.


JOS SMOLDERS: 'L'Oreille (c)ouverte' (2017-2022) (Belgian premiere)

PIERRE HENRY: 'La reine verte' (excerpts) (1963)

LUCIE GRÉSIL: "La fluite" (2022)


ÅKE PARMERUD: "Louder than Life: Adagio" (2020-2021) 

AURÉLIEN GODDERIS-CHOUZENOUX: "A journey through the prism of an Indian love story" (2020) 

BEATRIZ FERREYRA: "Un fil invisible" (2009) 

ELIZABETH ANDERSON: "Solar Winds" (2012)


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Chaussée de Wavre, 366