Dima Leaves

Acousmatic music

Dima Leaves is a stereo acousmatic composition.

Two short voice samples, one saying no and the other grumbling, Echo and Narcissus meet, and as in Snow White, a mirror answers them. Gestures masticate the two samples and shape the sound, simultaneously releasing the emotion of the voice which is moved on a quantum scale into micro lumps of whispers and nano flakes of plosives-desire. From sound, upstream of language, arises the myth.

The composition combines with freezing, a historical sound treatment of the GRM of the 90s, a sound system which is only facing the public, consisting of a totem of 8 superimposed loudspeakers and surrounded by 4 pavilions. The sound system treats the spatialization as well as the color and the definition of the sound.

All materials are from two samples and Freezing manipulation. The composition is in 6 movements: emergence, appearance (5'50), mirror (9'20), quantum drift (13'14), abandonment (18'40).

Dima Leaves composed at the Arsis-thesis studio is a micro-publishing project of Grimaces editions (Geneva).

Electroacoustique stéréo