Et tout se tut - Und alles schwieg

Live electronic music

Et tout se tut - Und alles schwieg is 18-track acousmatic composition

Et tout se tut - Und alles schwieg was originally a radio production, ie intended to be broadcast in stereo. Et tout se tut - Und alles schwieg was later adapted for the concert.

Listen lying down to the breath of air on the embers, the hiss of a wet branch, the crackle of a dry twig and imagine the wood fire. Perceive the dull flight of a hunting night owl, feel the wind, the rain and imagine the sea. Hear footsteps walking in the snow and mud and grasp the movement. Listen to four voices of men and women. In German and French, they run through a few verses by Rainer Maria Rilke. Hear the languages that evoke silence, sound, breath, being, nature and the passage of time. Words are vocalized and whispered and speak to us from within. Open up to an intuitive and sensory perception of Rilke's poetic images, associate them with the rustling of our own memories and let the consciousness drift simultaneously subject to terrestrial gravity and the attraction of the stars.

Et tout se tut - Und alles schwieg combines voice, natural sounds, electronic processing and spatialization on 26 loudspeakers. The loudspeakers are deployed in clouds in the room. A totem erected in the center completes the device. Sounds and voices circulate among the audience.

Et tout se tut - Und alles schwieg composed at the Arsis-thesis studio is a production of the ACSR -Atelier de Création Radiophonique et Sonore- produced with the support of the FACR -Fonds d'Aide à la Création Radiophonique- and the BRF, the radio of the German-speaking region of Belgium.

Et tout se tut - Und alles schwieg is a winner of the UK Radio Drama Festival.

Electroacoustique 18 canaux pour dispositif de concert hybride incluant totem, pavillons, guirlandes de piezos...