Fragment of a life

Acousmatic music

Fragment of a life is a stereo acousmatic composition intended for the CD edition of Les 20 ans du Forum.

Fragment of a life is composed as an instrumental solo. The sound palette is deliberately reduced to a Freezing, a historic sound treatment from the 90s, with a sound that is more mineral than crystalline. A sound fragment is set in rotation and is shaped by a fall. The speed is slowed down, the envelope expands and reveals the impurity of the fibres. The speed decreases again, the hiccup becomes pulsation. Close to the stop, mourners appear.

Fragment of a life is a stereo reduction of 8 spatialized channels on a very reduced and colorful device: a totem and 4 pavilions arranged only facing the public.

Fragment of a life is dedicated to a recently extinct long-term companion and a tribute to this instrument that freezes time.

Electroacoustique stéréo