Shadow of Gesture

Sound Installation

Shadow of Gestures is a 16-channel sound installation broadcast on 54 loudspeakers, commissioned by NTMoFA -National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts- for the Elefanten acroos the Ocean festival. Light by Luc Gendroz.

Shadow of Gestures is like contemplating a landscape emerging from the mists. Gradually, nearby flowers and trees appear. Then the hills and valleys gradually take shape. Finally, the majestic mountains reveal the vast expanses previously concealed. In this case, the landscape is sound. It is just a question of “tasting” the sound (dry or wet, drawn or brushed, nervous or massive) and of appreciating the flexibility of the movements which unfold gradually in the entire room. Because, as with quantum science, time and space are inseparable. Week by week, the mist will lift and reveal different states, subtle, real or dreamlike.

Shadows of Gesture was made at Arsis-thesis studio.

Electroacoustique 16 canaux