Eclats Fluides

Installations interactives et participatives
Audiovisual Installation
Electroacoustic music
Interactive device

Eclats fluides was created with Fred Vaillant, artistic assistant and video artist with the Michèle Noiret dance company, with which Todor Todoroff also collaborates regularly. This first joint installation, both visual and sonic, creates an organic environment that reacts to the movements of the spectator-explorers. Sensors operating on the Theremin principle, immersed in tanks of water, transform these volumes of water into bodies sensitive to the distance they approach. Combined with video camera movement detection systems, sonar and contact microphones, they influence the generation and spatialisation of sound, as well as video transformations and lighting intensities according to the positions and movement dynamics of the visitors.


Interactive audiovisual installation for the CitySonics festival at the Machine à Eau in Mons (B), in collaboration with video artist Fred Vaillant. From 22 June to 30 July 2007. Commissioned by Transcultures.

Audio-visual interactive installation - Octophonic (8-Channel) electroacoustic music
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