Counter Phrases

Video concert
Date de création

Counterphrases is an evening of cinema with live music.  Ten shorts by Thierry De Mey set to music by ten composers with ten danced phrases choreographed by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and performed by Rosas.  These ten films encapsulate the best of De Keersmaeker and De Mey’s collaboration:  twenty years of assiduously practicing variation, of perpetually inventing algorithms, filters, and formulae that twist movement and space according to the capricious mathematics of pleasure.  All of this is filmed – O Belgitude! – in exquisite flower-filled gardens and under impressionistic drizzling rain.

The ten composers of Counterphrases will each work on one of the variations separately, after the films have been edited, and will be completely unaware of what the others are doing.

(Source : Ictus)