Voices Part II - Distant Voices

Acousmatic music
Electroacoustic music
Date de création
"Distant Voices" is a very personal piece. I sometimes think that the reason I came to electroacoustic music composition has its roots in an often repeated child experience. Around the age of seven I started making small radios with a handful of components. Those radios had no amplifier and could only be listened to with a small crystal earphone. I spent hours listening to many different short-wave radio programs at night. As the tuning was far from perfect, I usually picked up two or three programs at the same time, focusing on one or the other, most often foreign languages I didn't understand.
Those distant, unknown and mysterious voices were fascinating. And so were the coincidences that arose from time to time between different programs, like if they were answering to each other even though they were probably thousands of miles away from each other and spoke different languages.

"Voices Part II - Distant voices" recreates an imaginary world of sounds reminiscent of those feelings of floating and endless spaces, of unlikely communication and mystery. Telephone voices are probably the perfect metaphor of this paradoxical situation of being both very close and absent at the same time. The space is illuminated by voices that appear, flicker, disappear, a bit like stars or lighthouses in a night full of beeps and long high-pitched frequency sweeps, modulated by slow changes in timbers, resonances and amplitudes.

“Voices Part II - Distant Voices” was composed in the Studios of IMEB (Institut de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges) and was premiered on June the 13th at the International Bourges Festival “Synthèse 2000”.

Technical note
“Voices Part II - Distant Voices” may be played in stereo. However, the octophonic version, available on ADAT tape or ProTools Session, should be preferred for concert, with the following tracks assignment:
1 - 2    ->    L-R Distant Front speakers
3 - 4    ->    L-R Front speakers
5 - 6    ->    L-R Lateral speakers
7 - 8    ->    L-R Rear speakers

CD Release
- Eclats, WBM (Belgium) [WBM 139b]
- Resonance CIME  (pologne)  [Audiomat]