Tuesday, September 13, 2022

This tribute concert to Stephan Dunkelman is very important to us. Composer and long-time friend, Stephan was also the driving force behind many projects of the Belgian Federation of Electroacoustic Music, concerts within the framework of the Week of Sound, the LOOP Festivals and the Belgian Music Days 2020 within the Composers Forum.

His sudden death has affected us all very much. We still feel the loss and sadness and remember his creativity, his great sensitivity and his exceptional generosity, both towards his friends and in his efforts to promote the diffusion of electroacoustic music in Belgium.

Circumstances have unfortunately postponed this concert several times, until now approaching the second anniversary of his death.

We will listen to several of Stephan's works as well as a series of creations, of about 5 minutes each, by composers of electroacoustic music from the Forum who have all wished to pay tribute to him, in alphabetical order: Elizabeth Anderson, Charo Calvo, Dimitri Coppe, Ingrid Drese, Stéphanie Laforce, Daniel Perez Hajdu, Jean-Louis Poliart, Todor Todoroff, Raphaël Vens.

Stéphane Orlando will also propose a piano improvisation on an electroacoustic music of Stephan, an extract of a common project called "Inner nest" that they could not finalize.


Todor Todoroff



12.00 €
Prix réduit:
10.00 €
Chaussée de Wavre, 366