Thursday, September 15, 2022

The wind quintet genre has remained extremely popular with 20th century composers, as the evolution of the five instruments has almost come to an end. Between lyricism and chorus, composers have always taken advantage of the playful atmosphere that is created within a quintet: jousting notes and playing echoes involving one or two soloists who then seem to face the rest of the team. Because of their versatility and adaptability, each instrument can play a solo role or contribute to the power of unanimity.

A sonority or a dynamic can suddenly ignite the discourse, thus carrying the whole ensemble on a wave passing from a compact sound mass to an ethereal discourse proper to the blowing instruments. The versatility and volatility of the sound of these five instruments, though intrinsically different, have always served the imagination of ethereal and transparent worlds.


Claude LEDOUX, Désirs de Lune (2010/2021)

Philippe BOESMANS, Résurrection altérée (2011)

Denis BOSSE, Philtres (1984/2022)

Pierre KOLP, Mani (2000)

Thomas FOGUENNE, In the Absence (Premiere)


Ensemble Styx 


  • Anne Davids, flût
  • Kristien Ceuppens, hautbois
  • Dries Tack, clarinette 
  • Bert Helsen, basson 
  • Jonathan Rongvaux, cor 
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Kaoru Tashiro, piano

On the occasion of the release of her new CD, pianist Kaoru Tashiro presents her new show Miragique. Creating links between the visual and the auditory, to take the listener into a multi-sensory experience, she works in association with video artists for a personalized immersion in the repertoire she defends. The image becomes a commentary on the sound and the spectator is drawn into a unique experience to rediscover the piano under other facets.


Kenji Sakai

Reflecting Space I - Bell, Cloud and Disincarnations (2009)


Claude Ledoux

Empreintes voilées, dépliées (2019) 


Jean-Pierre Deleuze 

Espaces oniriques II (2010) 


Julia Purgina

Musique Noire II (2021)

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