Friday, September 16, 2022


Duo Origines

Two composers-performers rooted in the classical tradition


"Origins" is the meeting of two musicians-creators: Laure Stehlin and Laurent Pigeolet. Classically trained, they explore new fields of sound, free from the divisions between styles and eras.

The name Origins finds its meaning in the mixture of sounds that take their source directly from the living sound texture of the surrounding reality. Their approach consists in uniting and including by expressing the materiality of sound, abolishing the borders and creating bridges and meetings between styles and timbres: Ancient music, classical, modern, world music, contemporary, improvisations...

Both specialists in intuitive improvisation, they integrate in their approach computer-assisted music (Max/MSP), which opens doors to unsuspected, unheard-of worlds. The technology makes it possible to link the archaic aspects of the vibration of sound in its multiple aspects and a contemporary musical thought. The computer is used as a tool in the service of aesthetics, of a poetic sound result, and not as an end in itself.

Thus, Laure Stehlin and Laurent Pigeolet have recently realized a cycle of concerts based on the four elements (air, water, earth, fire). For air, for example, the recorded sounds of the wind brushing against the string of a kite are used as a starting point for improvised musical figures in connection with the song of the kite, a sound manifestation which, with its strong identity, evokes a strange world, both close and inaccessible. For water, the sounds produced by the fall of drops broadcast in real time are at the origin of a dialogue between the instruments and the liquid element. The voice transformed in real time via the computer evokes the song of dolphins. The tampura and the didgeridoo, for their part, respond to the Schumann resonance frequencies, which correspond to the vibrations of the Earth.





- Lascaux: « Appel des profondeurs » for flute and piano Laurent Pigeolet 2'30

-Adakshaya + improvisation after Stravinsky 8'

-Monocorde, voice with multiphonics



-Improvisation « Cétacés » duo Origines for water basin, piano and voice (MAO) 3'

-« La source » , meditation piece for solo flute Laure Stehlin 7'



-« Braises » for solo piano (premiere) Laurent Pigeolet  5'

-« Dragon's Cave » Laure Stehlin for tape, flute, piano and various instruments (MAO) 10'



-« Caloptéryx splendens » for solo flute Laure Stehlin 3'

-Study Laurent Pigeolet 3'

-Improvisation for flute, piano and wind sounds, duo Origines (MAO) 3’


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