Thursday, November 30, 2023

Contemporary Music X Noh” 10th Anniversary Concert

2023.11.30 - Tokyo (Japan)

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Recital Hall

World and Japanese premieres of pieces by Annelies Van Parys, Naoki Sakata and Claude Ledoux

We will have the world premieres of new compositions commissioned from two of today’s most active female composers, Belgium’s Annelies Van Parys and Naoki Sakata, a Japanese composer living in Paris who has been remarkably active in recent years. Also, we will have the Japanese premiere of “FujiDaiko Écho” for Noh voice and string quartet by leading Belgian composer Claude Ledoux, which Aoki premiered at the Ars Musica Festival in Belgium in 2021. 

Annelies Van Parys (1975-)
“Semi no obebe” for Noh voice and String Trio (World Premiere)

José María Sánchez-Verdú (1968-)
“Far Water” for Noh voice and Violin (2018)

Toshio Hosokawa (1955-)
“Small Chant” for Violoncello (2012)

Claude Ledoux (1960-)
“FujiDaiko Écho” for Noh voice and String Quartet (2021・Japan Premiere)

Naoki Sakata (1975-)
“New piece” for Noh voice and String Quartet (World Premiere)

Ryoko Aoki (Noh voice)
Tatsuki Narita (Violin)
Ryosuke Suho (Violin)
Kei Tojo (Viola)
Ayano Kamimura(Violoncello)



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Both a percussionist and a composer, I like to shake things up, I like to hit things hard, I like ideas and creativity. 
My music is filled with the rhythm I live with every day, inspired by a distant culture, an original composition or a 'sound' playlisted on Tidal (a streaming platform). 
In fact, rhythm is everywhere. Did you doubt it? 
For this concert, I'm planning a programme of surprises, discoveries and a multitude of sounds. Percussion will be very much in evidence, because the desire to play is stronger than anything else. Friendship will also be in the mix, with a surprise guest. Rhythm, meanwhile, will be the guiding thread, the heartbeat, the language and even the commitment'. 


Pauline Oreins, piano. 
Trio O3: Lydie Thonnard, Léna Kollmeier, Eugénie Defraigne. 
GUEST Composition: Sami Strazimiri. 
Max Charue, percussion.

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