Live electronic music

The raku technique uses earth to shape a bowl. Enamelling can only be intuitive: one can only accompany the complexity of chemical, thermal and mechanical reactions. Raku is based on recordings of sounds from the everyday environment: a raw material like an ore. These materials, whose defects are qualities, are transformed. More than transformed, they are an elementary structure conducive to the development of gestures. By shaping, these nuclei of sounds generate forms in constant metamorphosis. Simultaneously these shapes are projected into the acoustic space by a set of loudspeakers. They animate the entire concert hall, which is both the place of listening and the object of listening. An approach that can only be intuitive. We can only accompany the complexity of electronic, acoustic, sound reactions but also auditory, bodily, psychic…

Raku was composed at the Arsis-thesis studio and premiered at the La Semaine du Son festival.

Electroacoustique 18 canaux pour dispositif de concert hybride incluant totem, pavillons, guirlandes de piezos...