Les ciels rapportés

Chamber music without conductor
Guitare électrique
Guitare électrique
Guitare électrique
Guitare électrique
7' 30''
Quatuor de guitares électriques

The title of the piece "Les ciels rapportés" refers to a method used in photography's seascape to creat dramatic intensity. By combining two negatives (one for the sky, the other for the sea), the photographer modifies the sunlight and the clouds of a seascape. The result is a picture with a dark atmosphere but also very calm. The works of Gustave Le Gray were an inspiration for this piece. The four electric guitars are, in comparison with a string quartet, interlinked and homogeneous. The piece is characterised by delicate melodic lines with a quiet intensity. In this context, a melody from the second movement of Scriabin's piano concerto emerges at different places. This external material may sometimes sound as an anomaly or sometimes merge with the harmony of the piece. The difference between the two harmonic materials is so thin that the audience is kept in constant doubt.

This piece is dedicated to Quarto Ensamble (Chili)