Dolphin tribute

Sous titre
Hommage à Eric Dolphy
Solo Instrument with electronics
Clarinette basse
10 min.
for bass clarinet and electronics
Date de création

Dolphin Tribute


for bass clarinet and live-electronics (2002-3)


A sudden passion reveledby a desire for mixed music ?

In fact, i came toclassical music (and the contemporary one) via popular music, jazz inparticular (blues, swing, be bop), finally succombing to the fascinatingtemptation of the free jazz. Among those who have occasioned violentearthquakes in my way of thinking the music was Eric Dolphy, fantastic saxophoneplayer of the sixties ; but also flautist and bass-clarinetist. This wasan enchantement sufficiently tenacious for me to dare pay tribute to thisincredible performer/creator whose ondulating virtuosity can be heard all overthis score.

Dolphin tributestarts off with a live recording from 1963, the Illinois Concert. From this unique spirit of sound a few secondswere subjected to acoustic analysis in order to draw from it the basic materialof the piece, the model for a metaphor concerning the relationship between asolo instrument tormented by an unidirectional score that faces anelectroacoustic environment acting like an imaginery big band, progressivelyinvading the musical space until it becomes the essential driving force.

The score is dedicated tothe French clarinet player Jean-Pierre Peuvion, as a testimony to our commonadmiration for the great artistry of Eric Dolphy. The electronic part was madewith the help of the Centre Pousseur, with a Special thanks to Jean-Marc Sullon, musicalassistant and electronic manager of this institution.

This workwas premiered at the occasion of the Festival Images Sonores 2003.




Dolphin Tributeis recorded under the CD label Cypres (CD Takshashilâ)by Jean-Pierre Peuvion and the Centre Pousseur.