Trouble of evidence

Solo instrument or voice
6 min.
for harpsichord
Date de création

Trouble of evidence

pour clavecin (1993 – 6’)

That piece was commissioned by the Crédit Communal de Belgique as the compulsory work of its harpsichord contest in 1993.

Troubles and evidences result from a specific idea : how could it be possible to write some music from an intimist instrument of our history which would join my new interest (at that moment) for the African music ? It is true that the peculiar timbre of the instrument and its rich attacks were not without reminding us certains tones of African instruments as the kora or the sanza. Therefore, small subtle and distant references to the African sounds and polyphonies take places in that music, with also few allusions of the American repetitive music which i like so much.

Finally, Trouble of evidence was not performed at the occasion of the contest because of the lack of performer in the Final of that year ! Therefore, it was Arnaud van de Cauter who premiered the piece at the occasion of the Ars Musica Festival in Brussels.

Trouble of evidence is dedicated to my friend Veronique Englebert.