Heavy Funk

Chamber music without conductor
Piano 4 mains
12 min.
Piano 4 hands
Date de création

Heavy Funk !

pour piano 4 hands (2011)

This frantic piece is a small token of my desire on creating a kind of "morphing" between the folk music and contemporary music, a frequent characteristic of my latest creations (as Zap's init - tribute to Zappa - or A Terra sem Mal, based on the MTV clips' aesthetic).

Thus, funky, the first indication of the score, means ltterally : "who smells of sweat." Therefore, it is not surprising that this work sweats of his obsessions of syncopated patterns interrupted by many riffs (virtuosic convulsions) and chorus (with references to a notated "controlled" improvisation), some reminiscents of Afro-American music of the 80's. Fortunately this psychedelic funk will be momentarily interrupted by a vision of immaterial hamonies. The opportunity for a little releif before a frenetic final.

Incarneted music. Multiple paths between contradictory aesthetics, which, however, are mutually contaminated deliciously in order to provide the listener with new musical perspectives fully anchored in our fragmented epoch.

Then remains the last words: Have fun(k)!

That piece is dedicated to Nao Momitani and Tomoko Honda. Both pianists premiered it during the  Festival Emergence 2012 (on october 27th).