Courbes d'étoiles IV


Courbes d’étoiles IV - "Pulsar"

for solo piano

from the cycle Courbes d'Etoiles I - VI(a work in progress)

Paths of shooting stars. Dreamy attitude of the spectator facing the fragmentary decomposition of the molten material. Particles falling into the infinity of the human thought. One day, a friend, physicist, told me about the cosmic vibrations in relation with the sound world. The analogy thus took shape. The atomic fragmentation expresses the mirror of the spectral decomposition. Ears replace the eyes, the time drift our imagination. Calculations and poetry. With a vague question in my mind : could it be possible that the logarithms punctuate the musical waves according to their progressive numbers, creating the rhythm of a spectral harmony ? I believe it. Then, the most complicated was to imagine a relationship between virtuoso piano techniques and the fantasies created by the distortions of musical material. Thus poetry is born from virtuosity.

Courbes d’étoiles IV, Pulsar :Compulsive music, with its frenetic (im)pulses of harmonic or inharmonic "rays of light". Homonym of these stars, staying in a illusory life, imploded at the very heart of the Universe. Strong statement of a vital movement whose outcome can be only the annihilation of matter, fragile veil between illusory categories of pulsation and its absence. A piece designed as an open window on some hints of contemporary music filtered with funky and jazzy resurgences.

The piece is dedicated to Emi Aomatsu


for piano