Dimanche, février 12, 2023

L'oeil, l'oreille et le lieu

Création de Michèle Noiret

Musique de Todor Todoroff

Centre des Arts, Enghien-les-Bains 12 Février 2023 15h

In her dance-cinema project “Das Auge, das Ohr und der Ort” (“The Eye, the Ear and the Place”), Brussels-based choreographer Michèle Noiret conveys the wonderful universe of insects and their fascinating diversity of lifestyles, structures and forms that can both enchant and terrify. The choreography by dancers David Drouard and Sara Tan is equally inspired by the amazement of this impressive world as by the sadness and anger at its gradual disappearance. Light and electronic sound develop their own magnetism on stage, underlined by the multifunctional stage design. This performance poses ecological and social questions to a young audience that will shape the future of our society. With “The Eye, the Ear and the Place”, the international dance festival for a young audience PURPLE opens its seventh edition at HAU Hebbel am Ufer and other venues as well as in local schools.


Conception, choreography: Michèle Noiret / Created with and performed by: David Drouard, Sara Tan / Video creation: Aliocha Van der Avoort / 3D images: Romain Lalire / Video development: Frédéric Nicaise / Original music composition, interactions, sound operator: Todor Todoroff / Additional music “Entrance Song”: Black Angels / Light design: Yorrick Detroy / Stage design: Wim Vermeylen, Michèle Noiret / Costumes: Patty Eggerickx / Technical direction and stage manager: Christian Halkin / Light operator: Alexandre Chardaire, Loïc Scuttenaire (alternating) / Video operator: Aliocha Van der Avoort / Costumes making: Isabelle Airaud / Photography: Sergine Laloux / Production and tour management: Morten Walderhaug / Communication and press: Alexandra de Laminne / Administration and coordination: Cathy Zanté

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